The TIM™Wheel Learning Plan - What's In It For YOU?

Senior Leader –C‐level commitment & accountability for strategic change

L&D Director –Flexible and proactive 2‐yr learning plan (with budget) to move the needle on critical and urgent business needs

Talent Manager –Accurate forecasting & succession planning

HR Manager –Employee retention with consistent performance improvement and evaluation measures

Line Managers –Reinforce the Critical Success Factors for immediate and on‐going performance results

Project / Change Manager –Flawless implementation of large initiatives & change management

Instructional Designer –Accurate design documentation and development with the appropriate media for delivery

Program Coordinator –Accurate scheduling and budget control

Trainer(internal/external) –Ensures the right people have the right skills at the right level at the right time. ..consistently!

What are the short‐term benefits to your business?

  • Performance Gaps bridged, filed or eliminated with targeted solutions within budget.
  • KPIs = objectives are aligned and metrics tracked.
  • Leadership = engaged and accountable for enforcing the Critical Success Factors on the job.
  • Valuable employees are retained and groomed for success as 'bench strength'. 
  • Company's increased ability to hire high potential employees.
  • Risky Behaviors are mitigated due to open communication and clear expectations. 

What are the long‐term benefits to your business?

  • Improved people performance capability year over year.
  • Improved scorecard business goals year over year.
  • Communications among all levels and functions are now part of the business culture.
  • Intangible benefits continue to grow.
  • People are successful and energized!

… Accelerated Growth Year Over Year